Ragasco DOT Permit 12706 Amendment 8

by Susan Tyson on November 26, 2012

10lb, 17lb, 22lb, 31lb Clear View LP Gas Tanks

Ragasco USA is proud and happy to report the DOT (Department of Transportation) has approved the latest amendments necessary to provide more value to our users of the Clear View cylinders by Ragasco.

The new amendment provides, on a retroactive basis, for all Ragasco cylinders to enjoy, a 10-year inspection cycle rather than the previous 5-year inspection cycle. The inspection at the 10-year point from the manufacturing date stamped on each cylinder is now a visual inspection every 5 years.

The visual inspection is available from any LP company licensed to inspect steel cylinders. The visual inspection is a simple procedure that can actually be done in a matter of minutes.

The DOT is very cautious with new products that carry propane or any other hazardous gas. The original permit Ragasco received from the DOT was a 5-year opportunity for the Ragasco cylinder to prove it is a safe alternative to metal cylinders in the field in actual daily use. When the permit was renewed, it is the practice of the DOT to review all product and safety issues that have been reported during the previous 5 years. Ragasco cylinders with over 7 million cylinders in the field had NO product or safety issues during the first 5 years in the field.

Ragasco is not done yet! The next issue we must deal with is the current 15-year shelf life. Corrosion was the impetus to limit LP cylinder shelf life. Currently metal cylinders have no shelf life as it has been judged the visual inspection of metal cylinders insures no unsafe cylinders are approved for continued use; i.e., should an inspection of a metal cylinder show any issue that compromises the safety for further use, the cylinder is repaired or disabled from further use.

Safety is a major concern for all LP cylinder manufacturers and the stellar safety record of Ragasco (Clear View) LP cylinders sets a very high safety standard that all LP cylinder manufacturers should strive meet.

The Ragasco cylinder sold in the US as the Clear View LP cylinder will likely be the first LP cylinder to be approved for use inside a home or business. Why Ragasco’s cylinder you ask? The Ragasco cylinder has been tested and tested and retested by numerous testing facilities to determine how a Ragasco LP cylinder reacts when exposed to a fire. The Ragasco cylinders when so exposed simply burned in a controllable fashion. Ragasco cylinders never exploded or created a fire situation that was not controllable by fire-fighting personnel.

Metal LP cylinders have been denied approval for inside use by fire authorities because of the threat of explosions and the danger that brings to fire-fighting personnel.

The Ragasco LP cylinder is the ONLY LP cylinder with a single-piece, structured pressure vessel. There are no seams to fail and that is another safety factor that will be considered during the march to approval for inside use.

Click here to view the actual Ragasco DOT approval.

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And there you have it from the mouths of www.TopTailgates.com. Karen and Jay show the Bad Boyz of BBQ the Clear View Propane Tank for the very first time.

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