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DO NOT CONFUSE THE LITE CYLINDER RECALL WITH THE RAGASCO CYLINDERS! Lite Cylinders are under a recall by the DOT. Lite cylinders has NO affiliation with the CLEAR VIEW cylinders manufactured by Ragasco and marketed by RagascoUSA. You can have total confidence in the safety of Clear View LP cylinders by Ragasco.


Change is in the air for the LP gas industry. Whether you operate a large propane tank exchange business, are a small LPG retailer or an eCommerce company offering LPG products online, this is a year of major positive change for you.

Composite propane tanks are now becoming the rage. The age-old metal LP gas tank for the barbecuers of the world is being replaced with a lighter, safer, easier-to-carry fiberglass propane tank where you can actually see the fuel level!

Ragasco introduced the composite LPG 17 lb. tank, (many call it a 20 lb.tank) in Norway as a market test. The composite LPG tank was so well received Ragasco penetrated and controlled 60% of the homeowner barbecue market during the first three years after introduction.

The US market is much larger and Ragasco is expanding the product mix to include an 11-lb. LPG tank and 22-lb. LP Tank both of which are available and a 31-lb. LPG tank for the commercial market fueling forklifts and other LPG-powered vehicles. We expect the 31 lb. LPG to hit the US market early in 2012. The 22-lb. and 31-lb. propane tanks will be available in liquid and vapor configurations.

Ragasco USA, Inc. is distributing the Ragasco gas cylinders throughout the US, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. We are looking for a limited number of successful, forward-thinking, financially stable companies to join the growing family of distributors of Ragasco USA composite LP tanks.. fiberglass propane tanks

Opportunity is knocking loud at your door. All you have to do is take the step to start distributing and profiting from this great new line of fiberglass propane tanks.


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